Fish and Food Security in Small-scale Fisheries. Chapter 4 in Transdisciplinary for Small-Scale Fisheries Governance. Edited by Svein Jentoft and Ratana Chuenpagdee.


Stoking conflict between farming and conservation hurts everyone.The Conversation

We can eat your fish and fight climate change too.The Conversation

"Can people be Sentinels of Sustainability?Facets

"It's time for a new story of humanity's place in the world.Ensia.

"Sustainability requires that we learn to embrace change, not fight it.Ensia. 

 "Native to Place: A review of Grass, Soil, Hope by Courtney White.Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. 

"Are we acquiescing to climate change? Social justice considerations for a changing North." Responses of Arctic Marine Ecosystems to Climate Change. 

"Climate change and environmental (in)justice in the North American NorthAnthropology News. With D.V. Fazzino. 

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Research Papers

Not all of the research noted below applies directly to the ideas discussed on this website, but many do and I've noted the ones that I think contribute in some way. Note that I am committed to making the products of my research as accessible as possible, and as such many of the papers listed below are available free to all. However, academia is slow to adapt, and the reward system that keeps me in my job has nudged me to publish some work in subscription-based peer review journals. If you are interested in copies of any of these papers I can send you a personal copy if you make a direct request to me. 

Food Security

"Searching for Progress on Food Security in the North American North: A Meta-analysis and Synthesis of the Peer-Reviewed Literature." P.A. Loring, S.C. Gerlach. Arctic. 

"Urban harvests: food security and local fish and shellfish in Southcentral Alaska." H.L. Harrison and P.A. Loring. Agriculture and Food Security. 

"Outpost Gardening in Interior Alaska: Food System Innovation and the Alaska Native Gardens of the 1930s through the 1970s" P.A. Loring and S.C. Gerlach. Ethnohistory.

"Seafood as Local Food: Food Security and Locally Caught Seafood on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula"
P.A. Loring, S.C. Gerlach, and H.L Harrison. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.

"Food Security and Conservation of Yukon River Salmon: Are We Asking Too Much of the Yukon River?" P.A. Loring and S.C. Gerlach. Sustainability.

"Food, culture, and human health in Alaska: an integrative health approach to food security" P.A. Loring and S.C. Gerlach. Environmental Science and Policy.


"Toward a Theory of Coexistence in Shared Social-Ecological Systems: The Case of Cook Inlet Salmon Fisheries" P.A. Loring. Human Ecology.

"The Political Ecology of Gear Bans in Two Fisheries: Florida's Net Ban and Alaska's Salmon Wars" P.A. Loring, Fish and Fisheries

"That's what opening day is for: social and cultural dimensions of (not) fishing for salmon in Cook Inlet, Alaska" P.A. Loring and H.L. Harrison. Maritime Studies.

"Local Perceptions of the Sustainability of Alaska’s Highly Contested Cook Inlet Salmon Fisheries"
by P.A. Loring, H.L. Harrison, and S.C. Gerlach. Society and Natural Resources.

"Larger Than Life: The Emergent Nature of Conflict in Alaska's Upper Cook Inlet Salmon Fisheries" by H.L. Harrison and P.A. Loring Sage Open.

"Alternative Perspectives on the Sustainability of Alaska's Commercial Fisheries" by P.A. Loring Conservation Biology.

Climate Change

"How small communities respond to environmental change: patterns from tropical to polar ecosystems." H. Huntington et al., Ecology and Society. 

"Climigration? Population and Climate Change in Arctic Alaska." L. Hamilton, K. Saito, P. Loring, R. Lammers and H. Huntington. Population and Environment.

"Community Work in a Climate of Adaptation: Responding to Change in Rural Alaska." P.A. Loring, S.C. Gerlach, H.J. Penn. Human Ecology.

"Ways to Help and Ways to Hinder: Governance for Successful Livelihoods in a Changing Climate" P.A. Loring, S.C. Gerlach, M.S. Murray, and D.A. Atkinson. Arctic.


"Population 1" 2011. J.C. Martin and M.D. Argyle (eds). Stories for Sendai.

"Saguaro Story"