None of the work discussed here would be possible without the support of an extensive network of collaborators. 




Craig was my supervisor for both my PhD and master's degree at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He holds a PhD in anthropology from Brown University and a BS in wildlife biology. Now a life-long friend, he is faculty at the University of Calgary where he researches the geography and nutritional ecology of food systems, with interests in small-scale agriculture, reconciliation ecology, and ethnoarchaeology. He has experience with environmental impact assessment, cultural resource management, oil and gas development, and oil spill litigation.

Hannah Harrison

Hannah (pictured above) is an accomplished ethnographer and scientist who has served in the US Peace Corps in Zambia, and now is pursuing a PhD at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Hannah is a former student of mine, and she set the bar extremely high for all that follow. Her thesis won an award from the US Western Assoctiaton of Graduate Schools for best humanities/social science thesis. 


Alysa is a trained anthropologist and educator who most recently has been working on the development of new curriculum and pedagogies for science and environmental studies in a cultural context. She is also my wife, a skilled editor, and a valued sounding board for my harebrained ideas. 

Joshua Alderman

Josh is a legitimate polymath and professional poker dealer with self-taught expertise in quantum mechanics, political science, and philosophy. Josh is also a skilled writer and has an insatiable appetite for learning about the wonders of the natural world. Josh currently is involved in an experiment to improve civic discourse in Florida. On occasion, I hope that Josh will contribute posts to this blog.  


THe UAF Human Dimensions Lab

I founded the Human Dimensions Lab at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2010 to create a space for interdisciplinary human dimensions research at the Institute of Northern Engineering. The lab continues to operate as a wing of the Water and Environmental Research Center at UAF, and is the home unit for the Sustainable Futures North project, among others.

Funding Agencies

This research would not be possible without the support of multiple agencies and institutions. 

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